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Now winter is really drawing in, I am finding having a long bath at night time a hugely enjoyable luxury. They might not happen very often but when they do, they’re brilliant.

dermaveen a

And I feel extra lucky right now as my bathroom has that extra special bonus: a lock on the door! There’s something about being able to click that handle and closing the door properly on the outside world for a while. Add some fresh flowers picked from the garden and I can make some very nice time just for myself. There is nothing like a good hot bath to unwind and wash away the stresses of the day, whatever they may be.

dermaveen g

I’ve been using it as an opportunity to treat my very sensitive skin, too. DermaVeen very kindly sent me a bumper pack of products to try. My favourites are the soap free body wash, which doesn’t irritate my skin at all and smells nice but not perfumed (and which I am about to repurchase), the oatmeal shampoo and conditioner (John loves these too), the hand cream, and the eczema cream for any really dry patches (hello elbows). All work really well for me. I also really like the body lotion, which is very light and non-greasy, but does leave a white residue for a minute or two after application – this disappears though, without leaving any white dusty bits, I’m happy to report.

dermaveen b

And a good armload of pampering goodies is always a GREAT motivation to really enjoy a bath!

dermaveen d

It’s so nice to take a moment to escape from daily life, in such a simple, easy-to-do way.

dermaveen i

There are few worries that a relaxing bath and a good mug of tea can’t help. As much as I’d like to also zone out and watch makeup tutorials, I’m too scared to bring my iPad in with me, although I’ve a few friends who do that to watch YouTube – they’re braver than I am, ha!

dermaveen h

Of course there is the old fashioned option of reading a book, an actually papery book with pages. Especially one written in 1935, extolling the benefits of a good hot bath and really treating yourself to your bathing beauty treats!

dermaveen f

And the chance to think about things, nice things like more little treats to pop into the day, those little things that can make a big difference and make waking hours that much more enjoyable. I actually wrote about how one of my favourite vintage things does just that! I’ve also been really enjoying having plenty of greenage displayed in vases here and there, and like to refresh them once a week. It’s very good for the eyes to rest on, and makes the heart sing just that little bit to see nature at work and the shadows at play with the leaves just before I turn out the bedside lamp.

dermaveen c


And now I am chuffed to say it’s giveaway time! It’s a good one too and I am absolutely not going to be jealous of whoever win this one *cough*.

Thanks to DermaVeen, one lucky winner and a friend will get an indulgent day all to themselves: an indulgent spa treatment in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA according to their location of residence. (Please see T’s & C’s for specifics.)

And there are 10 Runners-up prizes: 10 DermaVeen hampers, each containing 11 DermaVeen products and valued at $164 in total. (Specific product details in T’s & C’s.)

So, for your chance to win, just share your favourite indulgent #momentsforme, either:

+ submit an image of your favourite indulgent moment on your instagram OR
+ on your facebook

Please remember to tag your entries with #momentsforme AND @laneway_esme

+ alternatively you can add a comment to this post – but everyone likes a photo so that might just be the way to go… just a little insider tip!

Competition opens 06/07/2015 12:00am and closes 09/08/2015, 11.59pm.

Terms and conditions are here.

Good luck to you all! I am chuffed to be part of a team of six bloggers for this, and while I wish luck to everyone, I would of course really love it if the winner was one of you!!! 😀

dermaveen e

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a new dress, an old coat and my favourite black boots

green-coat-flying a

What I wore last Sunday, for not-too-exciting act of going quite late to the bakery to buy a ciabatta, which were all sold out, so we went home with a baguette instead. And I took my new dress for its first outing, and it turns out it matches my green 1940s coat so perfectly, it’s uncanny. It’s by a label called Love and I got it from Asos, and I love the floral print, wrap front and fluttery sleeves, which are of course hidden away here. I love this coat (from etsy a couple of years ago, but I can’t find the seller, sorry!) and it is super soft, heavy and very warm, and haven’t worn it much yet this winter because it simply hasn’t been cold enough yet. I’m sure we’ll get there! The wind was picking up though, as you can see..!

dress-coat-matchin bared-boots-hawk-black a

These boots have been on very high rotation since Autumn, and they came about in one of the nicest ways. They were a gift from Bared Footwear, a Melbourne based footwear company who make the most incredibly comfortable – and nice! – shoes and boots I have ever worn.

I first heard of them through Cecylia and Claire (who no longer blogs but has a great instagram), who both have shoes by them and told me just how good they were. I actually bought these, my first pair of boots by Bared, before these one happened, and they are also amazingly comfortable. I love it when things like that work out! They literally feel like walking on clouds, and the store has the nicest and most helpful staff. I love supporting local brands and can’t sing these guys’ praises highly enough! They have a great mens’ collection, too, and John bought a pair of brogues he loves.

And then the wind really started blowing and we decided it was time to get home and eat some of that fresh baguette with a baked Camembert… winter is good!


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old things and bits and pieces at home


This afternoon I knuckled down and tackled some decluttering that needed to happen at home. Nothing drastic, just a reassessment and reorganising of the bits and pieces that seem to gather here and there. I’ve been planning for when we move again, which should happen some time early next year, and what we will want to bring. This then made me think about how while it can seem tempting to live with military-like super strict tidiness, it would be pretty dull – and wouldn’t suit me at all. I like to have my old things around me because they make me happy. Just not too much of it – trying to whittle it down and keep the chaos at bay!

When we last moved, we had a HUGE clear out, and have been chipping away at it so it gets more and more manageable, and so I only the things I really love left. While a lot of my stuff is still packed in boxes (and it’s amazing how little of it I’m missing… there’s a lesson) some things definitely needed to be part of my everyday life.

Like: my 1930s peach teddy, so soft and fragile and to be worn again next spring or summer, and the two veiled vintage hats I still have. The blue one lost its netting somewhere along the way but it’s still special and still here. The coral one is still hanging on and might just get some air time in spring. Both on top of the Ikea duvet cover that about a billion people have and constantly pops up on the internet and always make me smile. That, too, will be moving with us again. (The bed it is on, however, will definitely not be!)


The coral bubbly delicate vase. I don’t know anything about it, really, other than I really like it. Currently sporting some low maintenance red leafies that really could do with updating pretty soon…


My treasured vintage silk kimono. Four pics, for splashes of peachy-coral, I see a theme here… I would love to say I am still wearing this every morning and evening but it is waaaay to cold here at the moment.


Ok, more peachy-coral, and more green! I bought these vintage, cloth-covered coat hangers from the vintage shop I was working in, years ago now, after having some on my mental wish list for years. Not necessarily the most practical but you can’t be practical all the time.


A 1930s silk bias cut night gown. Again, not so practical for wearing but so special.


A very old candle holder, shaped like a fancy leaf and with a flower flame snuffer-outer thing. It hasn’t seen a candle for far too long. One day.


My shell bobby pin tin. On a doily. It pleases one of the two people who share this bedroom..! And my green Japanese cups.

shell tin

And finally, my old and battered Gladstone bags. They weigh a tonne and keep snapping shut on my hand whenever I go rummaging inside them for something but I don’t care, they make me happy!

And that’s about it – not exactly a crazy unmanageable amount. I am so glad that you understand this desire for some little familiar, not-absolutely-needed-for-living but just nice things – it can’t be all bare and boring all the time.

Now I am going to wash my hair after washing it in the sink yesterday because we are having hot water issues and I have an irrational dread of being stuck in a cold shower, and then drying it with some mousse and it really not working out (yuck). I might even risk the shower this time.


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capelets, wide pants and a green leaf wall in winter

Micky-in-the-Van-bw g

Hello from what was until today a very mild winter! It’s been a while since my last post, which has accidentally been the habit recently, because I’ve been doing all of those things which get done offline. I think you know what that can be like 🙂 I have really missed being here though, and really missed you, and look forward to getting back to something far more regular very soon – even if it does take a few more weeks yet!

I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what it is all about, and seeing as it started way back when as a kind of outfit/style etc diary, and that is what I still really like reading about, I thought that that would be a good place to pick up from. Even if I have almost completely forgotten how to take photos and edit them. It has reminded me how much I enjoy it all – and shown me that I am just a little out of practice!

You may remember in this post how much I enjoyed the Micky In The Van, the label designed here in Melbourne by my friend Estelle, show. On the evening I bought the white capelet, and then a few weeks later I purchased the amazing wide, high waisted pants on pre-order. I was so chuffed when they arrived: the cape is amazing (which I already knew, as I’d tried it on) and the pants are absolutely perfect. Made from wool, they are matte enough to wear during the day and fancy enough for an evening out. Plus they are super flattering and comfortable, and remind me so much of the 1930s too. I love them both and look forward to wearing them together and separately over the coming months!

Micky-in-the-Van-bw j Micky-in-the-Van-bw h Micky-in-the-Van-bw f Micky-in-the-Van-bw dMicky-in-the-Van-bw iMicky-in-the-Van-bw a Micky-in-the-Van-bw c

capelet, pants :: Micky In The Van

black suede peeptoe heels :: lola cruz via yoox (had them for ages and they’re still favourites!)

top :: op shop

bag :: asos (also a few winters old now!)

Micky-in-the-Van-bw b

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pale shell pink

pink sweater and black liner e

Winter is well and truly with us now in Melbourne and I have to say I am loving it! After my always favourite Autumn, I really relish winter, with all the reasons to get cozy like bonfires, hot chocolate, hearty soups and big jumpers.

pink sweater and black liner bb

And now I have a new jumper to snuggle up in. I can have a love-hate relationship with pink sometimes, but I do love a pale shell tone, especially when mixed with a hint of murkiness. This one is warm and soft and has long sleeves to keep my hands warm, and goes well with my current ’60s mood, which is perfect for me at this time of year. This includes pale, powdered skin, lashings of blackest eyeliner and pale lips – a look I think goes with my growing-out fringe (bangs) (the one obvious way I can tell my hair IS growing even though it doesn’t seem like it, and like crazy too!) and is just what I want on these cold grey days. A good luck charm on a fine chain is the finishing touch for now!

pink sweater and black liner apink sweater and black liner gpink sweater and black liner hpink sweater and black liner k pink sweater and black liner f

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